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Note : 5 sur 5.

« Sabrina has been my teacher since I started learning French as a debutante. I had absolutely no knowledge of the language and was initially too scared to respond in French. Sabrina was very patient and understanding and gently encouraged me to speak just a few phrases in French while building my confidence. »

— Annette L.

Note : 5 sur 5.

« Sabrina is an oustanding tutor, nice to talk to, yet efficient in her language approach. Time flies during our lessons together. Merci beaucoup Sabrina ! »

— Paul D.

L’Instant Frenchy, a podcast to depict French idioms

On Spotify or directly on my blog at : Podcast L’Instant Frenchy


The place to learn vocabulary, to read short stories in French, to discover French artists and music, and to explore what my students are capable of writing in the target language and many more !


Ready ?

Because Rome wasn’t built in a day, so goes French learning ! Contact me for us to start learning French together.

About Frenchy Hour

Frenchy Hour, it’s not just French lessons, it’s also short stories, a podcast and French content.

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