I’m Sabrina, I was born in Bayonne but my studies in French Literature and French as a Foreign Language led me to live and work in different places and countries !


French teacher and writer whenever she can


I am a very easy-going, passionate and good-natured person, keen in many different subjects and aspects of our life. I have been traveling the world for about 10 years (god, I am old!), studying, backpacking, working my way out in various jobs and teaching my beautiful language. I have what we say here in French « le virus du voyage ».

I have been teaching for quite some time in very different places such as Ukraine, Jersey or even in France, to students, like we say in French, de 7 à 77 ans ! Those last couple of years, I’ve also graduated as a Primary school teacher in France and I’ve had the chance to develop new skills around teaching to lovely (and lively) kids. (Discover my curriculum in French, just here).

I love writing (I run a blog for my short stories), reading, watching movies, creating any kind of stuff (which don’t always turn perfect for gifts), practising yoga, walking and even playing the guitar/ukulele, to the great displeasure of my neighbours…

I have finally settled down in a beautiful place in the Dordogneshire where I can enjoy all the things listed above and many other things (like acting on stage under 35 degrees !).

On October 2022, I launched this Frenchy Hour website where I offer a French podcast, short stories in French, online lessons, sessions in Dordogne and events about writing and reading in French.

But enough about me, why don’t you come and tell what YOU like ? In French, obviously…

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Frenchy Hour blog

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I accept to partner up, to intervene in schools, libraries etc. in Dordogne. If you wish to work with me, please contact me.


Book club (to come)

Writing workshop (to come)

Reading aloud in French (to come)

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