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Online private lessons

Enjoy a one-to-one session with your tutor. Your pace, your style, your goals. Pick a date and time according to YOUR schedule to arrange a French lesson every week, because regularity is the key to improving. Every one-to-one lesson is 1h long* but 30 min and 45 min long French classes are available because as a learner myself, I know language practise can be very intense.

Online group lessons

Learning with your partner, your dearest friends or even complete strangers is more your thing ? Enjoy the intimacy yet the conviviality of a small group to gather our passion for French. Up to 5/6 students to allow everyone to practise as much as possible in various situations. Each session will last 1h30* for 3/4 students and 2 hours* when at least 5 students.

Online French on specific purposes

Planning to travel, work, study in France or French-speaking countries ? Preparing for a (sometimes stressful) French exam (GCSE, DELF, DALF, TCF) ? Aiming at improving your pronunciation skills to order a nice meal at a restaurant without the waiter rolling an eye ? You name it, and I’ll adapt the material to your specific needs.

Onsite lessons, in Dordogne

You’re lucky enough to live in beautiful Dordogne ? Let’s arrange lessons on site, whether it’s at the market, at your office, at a café, at my place (spring and summer only). I will make sure to find a right place to speak French !

Collaboration, partnerships

You need help with translation from English to French ? You are interested by a writing workshop or a « Lecture à voix haute en français » en Dordogne ? Contact me about partnerships and those types of events.


What do I need for my online lessons ?

Only a Zoom or Sype account, and a Word or Google to be able to read/write/correct French on a shared document.

How long does a Skype lesson last ?

A regular lesson is 55 minutes as every lesson ends 5 minutes prior to the next one. You can either opt for a 45 minutes or a 30 minutes lesson. In a group of 3 / 4 students, the lesson will last 1h25. For a grup of 5 to 8 students, it will last 2h55.

How do I pay for online lessons ?

You can either use Paypal or Wise, or for packages, my IBAN to transfer directly into my bank account (depending on fees/countries. Every lesson must be paid prior to our session.

What do I do if I need to cancel my lesson ?

If the teacher is informed 48 hours before the lesson, the lesson is not considered as due. Under 48 hour, apart under exceptional circumstances, the lesson is considered as due and shloud be paid or taken from the package (if any). Please, try as much as possible to tell me in advance for us to reschedule a lesson, or for me to organize my timetable otherwise.

What do I do if I’m away, on vacation for a long time ?

We all need a vacation sometimes ! Just tell me in advance your date of return, and I will mark it down on my agenda and send you a mail the week before to make sure we are rightly settled.

What if I don’t know my level ?

Don’t worry. Take a trial lesson for half the price, for a half hour. This first meeting will allow me to assess your level, your skill, your goals and see how we can help you reach your target in your French learning.

Do I need a textbook ?

I’ve plenty of material and textbooks to choose from. If you already have a textbook you want ot use, I’m glad to follow and add my own material when needed. If you feel more comfortable with a book, I will guide you in view to find the perfect book to reach your goals as I’ve got loads of online versions of French textooks.

Didn’t find your answer ?

Please, feel free to send me an email, I’ll be glad to fill you in with more infos and details.

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