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All you need is a good Internet to connect with others !

At Frenchy Hour, we know how lonely we can feel when learning a new language. Put a stop to that feeling and register for online group classes. Whether you choose a B1 level or a more advanced class, you will get access to a document prior to the lesson (video, articles, song…) for us to discuss during our session. Some lessons will be theme-based around diverse topics and some will be structured around what’s going on in our world. And yes, we can say there’s a lot going on in our world. The only thing that won’t change is the friendly atmosphere, (and maybe your drink if you’re having morning or evening classes). Groups of 3 to 6 students, for everybody to practise as much as possible.

“Serious classes with a lot of laughter”

— Happy Student

When you take a group class, you are ensured to see your level grow and expand as you confront your ideas, explore cultural aspects of the target language and use all your skills to understand others, to comprehend the subject and to express your opinion on the matter. At Frenchy Hour, we will make sure you feel comfortable while discussing in French for you to enjoy this collective adventure.

Subjects we might evoke? Movies, books, music, writing, psychology, sociology, traveling, environment, animals… and many others ! Because any topic can turn out a goldmine for learning French.

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